F.A.Q & Rules

Description of service urlcrypt.net
  • Our service is designed to shorten long links with the possibility of quick editing
    We have a long link http://nooooooooooooooo.com/, after processing with our service, we obtain a short link of the form
    Later you can change the contents of any short links
  • Lock/close viewing links on unwanted by you IP addresses
    Also you can specify ranges of IP-addresses that will block the ability to view your links
  • Detailed statistics of surfing on your links
    Link, time, country, IP-address, Referer, the total number of links in your account
  • Search for quick finding your link, entire or by parts of the long \ short links
  • We have no advertising
  • The address of your links are not visible in the browser address bar \ Original HTML-code of the page.
  • AutoFixing old (broken) links to new working ones
    Example, we have broken old files:


    Than you upload again your files on filesharing (very important to keep same file name)


    Next, you shorten them by our service again (can be done a pack of 50 link same time), new links on our service automatically will replace broken (abused) links to the new ones.
    This allows you to keep a lot of time and avoid editing your links on each site/forum where you placed them and Urlcrypt.net links will remain the same.

  • Is prohibited to use urlcrypt.net with containing:
  • Child porn or people looking younger than 18 years
  • Zoo porn
  • Advocacy of violence, drug use
  • Doorway, viruses
  • Other crypt/shorter links similar services urlcrypt.net
  • Allowed Filesharing at the moment:


  • If you find that filesharing used by you is not in white list, you can write us an proposal using the feedback form.